2nd on producthunt ?

How did we got 2nd place on producthunt ?

So , we recently launched crackeddevs.com (opens in a new tab) on producthunt (opens in a new tab) and got 2nd place in product of day , also got 570+ upvotes and here is how we did it .


So the secret is , that we didn't do anything special , many companies end up preparing from weeks before (which is good) but we didn't do that , we just prepared a day before and it worked out .

So on random day , I got a message from my friend / co-founder Michael (opens in a new tab) that we are launching on producthunt tomorrow.(he got this idea in the shower)

So, I said hell yeah , let's do it and went around twitter and discord community to create some hype around it .


I also created a cool website for the launch , here is tweet about it . tweet (opens in a new tab)

So the next day Jan 6 , we launched and the next tasks for us was to announce about launch on twitter and discord communities , to get more users .

But we where suprised to see that we got 36 upvotes in 1 hour , without any promotion , all organic .

This genuinely suprised us , and we where all asleep .

So after waking up , I posted a tweet (opens in a new tab) about the launch and it started more some traction . So discord community was also very helpful , they where very supportive and helped us to get more upvotes and feeback , to be specific crackeddevs (opens in a new tab) and devvhouse (opens in a new tab).

Michael also posted to cool video on twitter to promote the launch , tweet (opens in a new tab) (go check it out)

Though this we got 500+ upvotes and 2nd place on producthunt , which is pretty cool .

Here is also analytics of how much traffic we got from producthunt .


So producthunt got us 1000+ users which is pretty cool .


At last

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Have a great day ahead . ☀️

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